Safety Bollard

Product Name:  Removable Bollard

Type:  Fixed / Security Bollard

Model Ref No: GSPB-007

Category: Metal and Steel 

Country of origin: Singapore


Parking Bollards are traffic control devices, and they create clear pathways for both vehicles and pedestrians. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor function, security and safety are two highly sensitive points of concern, especially, in high- traffic areas.

Believe it or not, the majority of accidents and injuries involving vehicles occur in parking lots, not necessarily on the highways. Bollards create a visible barrier that directs moving traffic. When outdoors, vehicles stop when they reach a bollard, and pedestrians do the same.

Stainless steel is grade SS304 in the hairline / non-directional finish.

Reflected Stickers/light at the Top

Surface mounting:

Reinforced concrete to be minimum 55mm for the foundation and 30mm for others.
Anchorage bolt to be M10 X 90.


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